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$poiled Blondie <3
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adoration, ass worship, assignments, bdsm, begging, being bossy, being greedy, being in control, blondes, body worship, boy toys, cbt, chasity, cuckold, dancing, domination, female domination, female supremacy, financial domination, financial slavery, foot fetish, foot worship, girl power, high heels, human ashtray, human furniture, humiliation, manicures, money, money slavery, orgasm denial, partying, pay pigs, pedicures, piercings, shoe worship, shopping, sissification, sissy training, slavery, slaves, small penis humiliation, smoking fetish, spoiled brats, spoilings, tattoos, tease and denial, tributes, vacations, verbal abuse
"When you've got them by their wallets, their hearts and minds will follow."
Princess Jessica,
I'm a 22 year old SNOBBY BITCH. I'm smarter than most, better than many & the Girl you'll NEVER get. I am a true Female supremist and deserve to be treated accordingly. As long as you stay on My good side I'm a real fucking pleasure to be around, hahah! I love MONEY! The only way you can get a thrill of turning on a Princess like Me is to blow money on Me! Make us both feel good and send Me EVERYTHING you have! I love pushing boys to the limit and seeing how much power I really have. I'm always in total control and you will crave Me constantly. I'm the addiction you've been serching for. I love draining men until I have full control of their mind, heart, and big fat...wallet. Anyways, I'm in My third year of college and I'm studying to be a Pharmacist. OMG, Me in charge of your meds? Hahahah, what a wonderful thought :p. I'm almost always accepting lovesick slaves, so try your luck losers! Don't bother contacting Me without a tribute, I don't have time for broke bitches. I live a luxurious lifestyle and I will settle for nothing less than perfection. ♥ SpoiledJess87@Yahoo.com ♥

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